sound math

Last night lying in bed a thought had visited me. 

Languages, words, energy. When we hear someone make sounds by moving their mouths and adjusting the way the tongue connects internally in the mouth, we start to connect a meaning to that sound. Think about it, when we hear a completely unfamiliar language, lets say Mandarin for us who don't speak it, nothing signals in our brain for a response or recognition - to us its just an unfamiliar and elaborate compilation of sounds. Yet, when we hear the sounds that we are accustomed to our brain responds, our thoughts respond, out body responds via our nervous system. 

So, as I was dozing off and sounds began flooding my brain, unfamiliar sounds that I knew meaning to somehow but could not replicate, I started to wonder about sound, energy and channeling the celestial family. I have several friends that channel. And at first it sounds ridiculous, the sounds make no sense, yet there is something mysterious and familiar in them that makes me feel connected. I can feel in my body the energy that it carries but I can not verbalize it. This got me thinking that words and sounds in fact are movers of energy and feeling them instead of understanding them was profound for the sensory world. The communication is sonic but really its more energy. Have you ever had a dream where you spoke a different language in which you are not fluent in your waking life; yet you understood everything and with tremendous ease carried on conversations all throughout? Well, languages are just codes, just a compilations of sounds that we make that create a certain force or flow of energy. Besides our brain recognition of the sound sequence, the sounds itself are just codes, like math equations.