I was born in Vladivostok, Russia and moved to US when I was 14. I first discovered yoga at a gym, it was a class that fit my schedule, and I heard it was pretty good for you, so I went. After a while it started to interest me more and I started to seek out how my practice can grow and how I can get the best of this yoga thing. That’s when I discovered Baptiste power yoga, at a local yoga studio on Hilton Head Island, SC where I spend my first 12 years in US. Coming from 8 years of dance background, I fell in love with the practice, - the fluid transitional movement of vinyasa reminded me of dance and my body welcomed the practice right away. 

    After a few classes, a magic thing happens – you don’t do yoga anymore, yoga does you. Yoga transforms your entire being, mentally and physically. So, shortly after I became a regular at the studio, the physical challenges of the practice transformed into the mental challenges and the astonishing connection between the body and the mind was established. Yoga became a therapy, a life-style, a way of thinking, feeling and acting towards others and oneself. A more mindful way. It was a shift in perception. Yoga brought an intention to actions and thoughts throughout simple daily routines and interactions. 

    Yoga had opened up doors of possibilities to me and within me that I never knew existed. Brought me confidence, kindness towards myself and others, feeling of self love and self worth, encouragement to take chances and listen to my heart, which is the most truthful guide in life. It helped me recognize the community around me, how beautiful, kind, powerful and encouraging people are, and that possibilities are always there, I just had to take the first step. It taught me that it is ok to mess up because each moment is a chance to start over and re-commit. No matter how many times I fall, there is always a choice that I can take – recommit or be defeated and this new found joy of life through yoga inspired me to show other people the path to this bliss. I completed 2 separate 200HR teacher trainings: Vinyasa Flow in 2011 and Baptiste inspired transformational training in 2013. Each training gave me a different set of tools to help with my practice and my teaching. I continue to explore the world of yoga daily, whether it is through my yoga practice, yoga literature, workshops, trainings, or anything else, I constantly thirst for knowledge and growth. Above all, however, my mat/my personal practice and my students are my biggest teachers. 

     My classes are challenging yet compassionate and encouraging. I like to focus on alignment points throughout class, because correct alignment is key to safe practice and steady progress. Understanding of correct alignment and muscle engagement will also allow my students to get the most benefits out of their practice. Class moves in a fluid vinyasa flow, establishing connection between the breath and the body, which will help quiet the mind and will leave the student feeling powerful, inspired, present and open to the infinite possibilities.